Student Leadership

All students are given opportunities to be active members of the school community where they get to carry out a range of roles; from Whanau Leader to Peer Mediators, compost and chicken monitors to class councillors.

Being a small school, we rely on all members chipping in and contributing.


Whanau Leaders / House Captains:

Lion: George & Cooper

Manaia: Luka & Bethany

Aubrey: Faith & Elsa

Kauri: Otis & Jonjo

Class Councillors:


Room 3: 

Room 2: 

Room 1: 



Peer Mediators:


Enviro Group:

Rosa H, Quinn J, Johanna G, Zara W, Ceara P, Abigail G, Jamie C, George R, Josh S, Quinn J, Ryan C, Ayla N, Trinity A, Reuben W, Issy E, Moana C-W, Isaac D, Jordie N, Thomas M, Kafka G, Bailey A, Oliver J, Kaedyn W.