Moth Eradication - School Collection Programme and Weed Control Workshop

                      Moth plant pod collection competition!

Hi young weed warriors, Weed Action Whangarei Heads is running a moth plant collection drive and we need YOUR help.  Moth plant is a nasty weedy vine that is spreading into Whangarei Heads and smothering our beautiful bush. Right now you will see vines covered in big green seed pods; each of those pods contains up to 1000 weedy seeds that will spread far and wide in the wind when they burst open. Before that happens we want you to collect as many as you can. 
The pods can then be brought into school on our collection day, Friday 27th May.  As an incentive to get collecting, for every 10 pods you collect you get an entry into a draw to win a family pass for a tree-top climbing adventure, donated by Adventure Forest (check out, and a $50 voucher donated by the Parua Bay Tavern.
You will need to wear some gloves and maybe have an adult help you as the milky sap inside the vines can make your skin a bit itchy. Collect the pods up in a rubbish bag to contain any seeds in case the pods split.
For more information and pictures of what to look for you can check out our Facebook page ‘Weed Action Whangarei Heads’, or call Weed Action coordinator Jo on 022 056 2277.
Good luck pod hunters!

Upcoming community event:  Weed Control Workshop
Weed Action Whangarei Heads is also running a free weed control workshop on Sunday 29th May, 2pm at the Whangarei Heads School Hall.
We will be demonstrating lots of different control methods for the different weed species invading our gardens, coastlines and forests (there is a great selection to demonstrate on in the bush adjacent to the school…). 
There will also be information on what specific weeds to be on the look out for out here, so we can stop weeds before they spread, and how you can access free equipment and herbicide for tackling weeds in your own little piece of Whangarei Heads paradise.
Please do come along – don’t let the weeds win!

Joanna Barr

Weed Action Whangarei Heads

Project Co-ordinator

434 0293

022 056 2277